We would like to share a great way to keep your carpet/vinyl, tiled or wood flooring clean and looking great.

Last week, we completed a clean for one of our clients, paying particular attention to a deep clean of the vinyl and tiled flooring.  Please see the photos below with regards to areas that have been scrubbed.


You will notice that by using the scrubber, the floor dirt is extracted, leaving the floor significantly cleaner than it was before- a finish that cannot be achieved with a mop and bucket!

By investing in such a deep clean, you are ensuring a longer life in your flooring, as this method prevents dirt eating into the vinyl/flooring.

We recognise that to have deep cleaning to the floors is a cost, however, we would like to help by offering a massive 20% DISCOUNT on all booking for vinyl and tile floor cleaning!


We understand that your carpets may also be in need of a little TLC following our typical British weather; and so to again support you with this cost, we are also offering the 20% DISCOUNT on this too! Offer valid until end of June 2018.

Should you wish to discuss this offer, or any of our other services, then please feel free to contact us on 01780 438 890 or email us : info@dynamicscleaners.com

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