Dynamics Cleaners comes to the rescue…

We are delighted to announce two new construction sites on our construction cleaning portfolio.

Larkfleet homes have reached out to Dynamics again to help them with cleaning two additional sites in Bourne – Bourne Heights and Southfields in Falcon Way.

Our co-operation have been for many years and we hope this shall continue. Currently, Dynamics are servicing 5 Larkfleet sites. Some of these we’ve serviced since Phase 1 of the building stage and have completed about 15 sites already.

Co-operation since 2010

Since 2010, Dynamics and Larkfleet have been in close partnership and always helped each other. The relationship with site management has always been smooth and jolly and it is a pleasure to work with the Larkfleet team.

Please read more about Larkfleet’s fantastic developments on http://www.larkfleethomes.co.uk/developments/

An article snipet from Larkfleet’s website about their achievements:

Most of our new homes are in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, areas close to where our business is based. However, we have been so successful at meeting customers’ needs here that we have now expanded across the UK, with new housing developments from Scotland to Somerset

We have also set up a sister company – Allison Homes – to help give our customers a wider choice. Larkfleet Homes specialises in building timber frame houses while Allison Homes builds new homes with traditional brick and block construction. All current Larkfleet Homes and Allison Homes new housing developments are listed on our website here.

All our developments are also listed in the latest edition of our Larkfleet Lifestyle magazine. The magazine also includes helpful advice to make the process of buying a new home easier as well as ideas for making your new house your own with suggestions for decorating and garden planning.

To learn more about Larkfleet, please go to www.larkfleethomes.co.uk and also visit our website’s cleaning services – Builders cleans.



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