Dynamics Cleaners Raise Their Standards for EMAS (East Midlands Ambulance Services) for their CQC (Care Quality Commissions) inspections.

We have made sure that our team have paid special attention and care to make sure every detail of cleaning is made to a high standard.

We check that all our staff is meeting all the correct PPE at all times and make sure that they meet all the Health and Safety standards.

Here is a bit of information about CQC (Care Quality Commissions):

The CQC are the independent regulator in the health and social care sector in England.

They make sure that all the health and social care services are providing a very safe and effective high quality care.

They will inspect all these services and then they will publish their findings for the public to see. These help the services to improve their level of care and effectiveness. It also lets people decide on the level of care they receive.


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