Dynamics have upgraded our services to PEST CONTROL

In the month of December & January, we’ve had several phone calls/emails  from current Clients and new potential Clients requiring assistance with pest control/pest removal.

Despite Lincolnshire being very flat, we’ve noticed an increasing amount of little hills – MOLE hills. We feel very sorry for the little creatures, but at the same time, they create problems in our gardens, fields and paddocks.

Currently, we provide services to some equine farms trying to eliminate the amount of mole hills in their paddocks. Moles dig tunnels that can be just underneath the surface creating a threat to animals. Reducing the number of moles reduces the risk of large animals (horses, cattle) injuring themselves.

So, we’ve decided to upgrade our services to PEST CONTROL.

If you’re experiencing troubles with Pests, whether it’s mice, moles, rats, insects etc., call Dynamics Pest Control to help

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