Positive start to a New Year. A lovely new client called LAPORTE – Clay pigeon company based in Bottesford have chosen Dynamics cleaners professional cleaning services in the beginning of January 2018. Since then, they have been thoroughly satisfied with our cleaning assistance and fulfilment of all their needs.

LAPORTE have been pioneers in environmental protection within the clay industry. They strive to reconcile ecological commitment with high level targets. In addition, they use natural pigments that meet environmental standards. They are extremely high performing and are now used in many national and international competitions. Finally, all our packaging is made of recyclable materials.


In order to meet the highest standards, their targets meet the specifications for breakability and flight path. Their engineers have developed a new technology that avoids a suction effect, increasing the breakability of the platform while retaining a reinforced structure and guaranteeing excellent stability for precise trajectories. So the targets can now claim a minimal percentage of No-Birds. They transfer the high standards and unique technical knowledge to each of their targets whose qualities and performance have been requested by shooters for eighty years. As a result Laporte have supplied the most prestigious competitions including the Olympic Games.

Dynamics Cleaners are delighted to be part of LAPORTE’s team and wish them very best of success.

To visit LAPORTE’s website, please go to:  https://claypigeoncompany.co.uk/


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