An Easter message from the Managing Director to all Dynamics cleaners Staff:

Good afternoon all,

I hope you are all well.

As you know, I have emailed a few times to offer you my help and support if you needed this.  I’m pleased to say that to date 3 staff members have come forward and I am supporting these as and where I can. This will continue until things are settled again, but I’m glad people have reached out.

I also want to add that I do try to do my best by the company and by all of you my team, but at times, I feel that maybe I am not doing enough to try and do my bit and to try and make things seem better ! – I’m sorry if you have felt this way.

This year so far has been a disappointing start with my own family bereavement and my family are still coming to terms with the loss.  Also within the team, we have had anther member of the team dad pass away after illness. My heart goes out to the family and I have offered and shown my support towards them at this difficult time.

I want to help you all to have a lovely Easter !!

I would like to offer to buy you all an Easter egg. However, I also want to buy your children also an Easter egg.  If I cannot help everyone, at least I can put a smile on your children faces !  

All I need is for you to tell me how many people I need to purchase an Easter Egg for and I will sort the rest.  Any dietary requirements like need free from egg, please let me know.  

I’m hoping this goes a way to at least have a reason to eat chocolate !!

Take Care


Kind Regards,

Tim Wade

Managing Director
Dynamics Cleaners Limited

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