Ho ho ho, wishing all a very Merry Christmas (o)  

With only a few sleeps left until the Christmas break is upon us, at Dynamics Cleaners our team is frantically scheduling and rescheduling in our clients’ requests to ensure all offices and workplaces are sparkling like pretty baubles on a tree!

The mayhem on our construction sites for clients such as Taylor Wimpey, Larkfleet and Geda is definitely in full flow.  With their customers still having moving in dates before Christmas.     Our team are working tirelessly to ensure Sparkle cleans are carried out in readiness for new homeowners to unpack their furniture and of course put up their Christmas trees and decorations.

With all our school clients on the final week of opening with classes of very excited children doing their plays and having their Christmas parties and lunches; bringing home their handmade cards for proud Mums & Dads.    Our teams will have glitter and streamers to clean up with a smile.

 Traditions and Preparations


The pre-Christmas madness and mayhem is all worth it when we can all relax and enjoy the festive season with our friends and families.     Children will have sent their letters to the Northpole, waiting to see if Christmas morning the great man himself has been.  Were they on the naughty or nice list?

Around the world our traditions are varied.  In Poland families traditionally gather for a meal on Christmas Eve, which is known as Wigilia.  They will start eating with they see the first star in the night sky.   The meal can have up to 12 courses.

Icelandic Children open their presents also on Christmas Eve, but only once they finished their meal, which is traditionally lamb.   Icelanders have 13 mischievous Father Christmases known as the Yule Lads!   Children leave shoes out for the Yule Lads, who leave presents in them if they have been good or rotten potatoes if they have been bad.

In Sweden, on 13th December they celebrate St Lucia Day, which is believed marks the date of the death of a young Christian girl, who was killed for her beliefs.  Swedish families open their Christmas Presents on Christmas Eve, having left a bowl of porridge out the night before for Tomten (Father Christmas).

No matter our beliefs or traditions having time to spend with our loved ones truly makes this time of year a special one.


From Everyone at Dynamics Cleaners,

Happy Christmas


Visit Father Christmas on this link and find out if you’ve been naughty or nice




















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