We were asked by North Northants Council to help improve the living conditions of a elderly gentlemen in a village close to Stamford.

The gentleman had obviously been struggling for some time with the upkeep of his home due to mobility issues. Unfortunately his plight only recently came to the attention of North Northants Council, who then contacted us for assistance.

Our team arrived onsite early one morning and began the task of removing all unwanted items from his home which was not easy. The gentleman lives in a first floor flat, with restricted areas for a skip to be placed. The work was therefore very physical, with the team constantly up and down the stairs and having to make the walk to the skip metres away.

Once the flat was free of unwanted items, work then began on the actual cleaning of his home. The end results were outstanding.

We were proud to have been part of this project, improving the living conditions for the gentleman, which we hope will in turn improve his mental and physical health.

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