Speciality cleaning in the New Year 2020

With our Christmas decorations all away and the New Year celebrated, our intentions of new resolutions in full flow. Perhaps now it is time to look at what needs to be done in our homes.

The dark nights and dreary weather can leave us a little lacking in motivation to keep our homes to the standard we like.

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Spring Is On Its Way

However, the warmer weather is hopefully on the way with more daylight and longer days.  Our gardens are showing signs that Spring is on its way, with the bulbs popping through to brighten up our muddy gardens.    Snowdrops with their delicate flowers being the first to bloom.

“Excuse the mess, but we live here” – Actress/comedienne Rosanne Barr

Many of us now find new motivation to do those cleaning jobs we have neglected or have put off.

These areas can include:-

Dusting of ceiling corners, tops of high units of furniture & kitchen units, lampshades and skirting boards in hard to reach areas.

Washing down door frames and walls in high traffic areas such as stairs, especially if you have children as their sticky fingers get everywhere!

Hoovering down curtains and washing blinds.

Moving sofas and beds to dust and vacuum underneath

Removing covers of sofas and washing or treating leather sofas to bring back the colour.

Time to Call in the Professionals

There are, of course, bigger chores which we recommend using our professional services.   These are oven cleaning and carpet/upholstery cleaning.

Oven cleaning is a time consuming and difficult task but using our specialized services, ovens are cleaned with ease by using commercial cleaning products and our high temperature heated dip tanks that removes the grease and dirt.  All metal removable shelves/sides of ovens can be dipped with comfort along with extractor fans and hobs if metallic.

Carpets in hallways particularly take a high volume of traffic, especially with visitors over the festive season, and with the weather outside being so wet, dirt is more easily transferred from footwear into our carpets.

Our carpet cleaning 2 Jet system pushes the water together with the solution into the carpet which in turn is then sucked up leaving the carpet clean and fresh.  Drying time can vary depending on how much water jetted into the carpet and all stains do come out (depending on how long the stains have been in the carpet, of course).  Bring up carpets to look fresh and clean.   Making an instant impression on your home.


“I’ve decided to sell my Hoover……. Well it was just collecting dust” Comedian Tim Vine


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