Happy New Year – New decade is upon us!

Happy New Year to you All.   We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas.  

With the welcome of a New Year alongside we all have good intentions of New Year Resolutions.  Goals to better our lives in the coming year.

With resolutions such drinking less, eating healthier, exercising more often being top of our lists.  

Other considerations are to ensure our work/home life is balanced.  All too often the stresses and strains of work and domestic chores weigh down on us and take the time away from us spent with our families and friends.  Having had such time over Christmas may be now, at the beginning of a new decade, it is time to ensure we all have this right.

Make plans to visit new places, new cities, new countries!   Take up new hobbies, which in turn you may meet new friends.

Maybe it is time to change jobs, take the plunge and follow your dreams. 


Welcome to 2020


At Dynamics Cleaners we are all looking forward to what 2020 will hold.  Not just for our business but for all our staff too.   Before Christmas due to new positions opening up we took on new staff and they have settled in and are a welcome addition to our already amazing team.   Existing staff have been promoted and are now in managerial roles, stepping up their responsibilities with confidence and ease.   We like to nurture all our staff so they feel they are appreciated and reach their full potential within the business.  

Our new oven cleaning side of the business certainly took off at the end of 2019, and no doubt will continue to grow in 2020.    


We look forward to continuing to provide our highly professional services to existing clients and new alike in 2020.

Happy New Year Everyone. Let’s make it the best one yet.















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